Construction and renovation projects in Menorca

The peace of mind of doing a work in Menorca with us.

We walk together step by step

We adapt to your needs

We work with local suppliers

We take care of the environment

Construction and renovation services in Menorca with personalized projects adapted to the needs of our clients. We also build pre-industrialized homes with the help of CIDARK-Pre-engineered Buildins using a revolutionary fast and sustainable system.



We are there with you from start to end. In our team you will find professionals of all the different areas for building your property in Menorca. We optimize resources to the maximum and our priority is your satisfaction and respect for the local environment.

Building services

We are specialists in new projects in Menorca. Our team will assume all the phases of the construction process.

If your home in Menorca needs a renovation or a new look, we can asses you with our experience.

Sustainable Architecture

Thanks to your partners CIDARK Pre-engineered Buildings we are introducing to our customers a new sustainable Architecture based on a pre-engineered and innovating construction system that offers quality, technology and respect for the local environment, in harmony with the island of Menorca, Biosphere Reserve. With this construction system we are able to reduce the residue of the used materials and the completion time, making that the overall cost of the projects much more competitive than if using traditional systems.